Concrete Sidewalks & Steps

Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks don’t have to be plain, gray walkways to and around your home. They can enhance landscaping and curb appeal as well as provide a delightful entrance to your home.  There are many options for decorating sidewalks including improvements to already existing concrete.

You don’t have to settle for boring concrete sidewalks even if they are several years old.  If stamping or exposed aggregate isn’t in your budget, then call us today at Coblentz Concrete Construction to discuss the options for having your sidewalks stained or color sealed.

Concrete Steps

Most homes which are not on slab foundations have steps leading to the front and back entrances and the majority are either wood or concrete steps. Even some slab foundations require steps depending on the slope of the ground, but just about all crawl space and basement homes need at least two or three steps.

In most cases, concrete is the preferred material for building steps. Concrete has a few distinct advantages over other materials: durability, easy maintenance and versatility.